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Co2 neutral

The Coconut Industry produces
much waste which is either left to decompose or in
worst case scenarios burnt in the field.
We asked ourselves if these natural by products
could be better used.
We found that many environmentally friendly
positives could be found by using these natural
resources to produce our Grill Briquettes for you.

Traditional methods of charcoal
production cause immense damage
to the environment, can be life
threatening to workers and
contribute significantly to the
deforestation of the Tropical
rain forests, the lungs of the Earth.
With the purchase of these otherwise
wasted resources we are able to
enhance the incomes of poor
rural farmers and their families.

Why produce Grill Briquettes from Coconut material.

Every year upwards of 300,000 tonnes of charcoal are imported into the EU. In part this is met through illegal charcoal production in the African Tropical rainforests and almost all are derived from wood products .Our ambition is to change that and offer a quality product without compromising on performance. Our Briquettes are produced from 100% sustainable resources from
the Coconut industry. Whether for professionals or hobby chefs quality, performance and price are
the key factors taken into consideration. Now we have made that choice simple.
Why produce Grill Briquettes from Coconut material.

Environmental Protection.
Your purchase of this product will directly improve the protection afforded the habitats and
feeding grounds of rare mountain Gorillas, especially those threatened by illegal logging activities in the African Tropical belt. For each kilogram exported we make a donation to the Dian Fossey
Gorilla Fund. During the Briquette production process Renewable Energy is produced further
improving the environmental benefits of selecting this product.

Social Impact
We work closely with local rural farmer communities who are engaged in ensuring our supply
chains run smoothly. In addition we employ on fair wages workers form the surrounding villages.

100% Sustainable

CoCoCabana Briquettes are made from waste products of the coconut industry and their use directly
reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions

Long cooking time

3kg of CoCoCabana Briquettes will cook for up to 6hrs, some three times longer than existing
products. Our briquettes are Renewable and Reuseable .

High cooking temperatures

The calorific value is high allowing optimal cooking temperatures for BBQ favourites such as Pulled Pork, Ribs and Steaks.

Environmentally friendly

To produce such quality no trees need felling and we support Reforestation projects through the sale of our products.


This natural resource produces no foul or acrid smoke or smells leaving just the natural goodness of the food being prepared.

Minimal Ash content

Very low ash content maintained through the use of high quality products and processes.
Tip: What ash that is produced may be used as garden fertilizer.

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